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Telegraph powered steampunk warfare!

Tele Polemos is an action game about wireless transmission, footsoldiers and turrets, made for the #lowrezjam2016 in about a week or so.

I advise to have a Morse code cheat sheet handy, of course, if you haven't learned it by heart already for some reason.


  • Control a remote defense turret via your trusty telegraph and some Morse code.
  • Withstand a wave of enemy units successfully and you get to upgrade your turret, but beware, as the enemies do get tougher, too.
  • The game saves your progress between each wave, of which there are 12.


  • Use left mouse button or space to type in dots and dashes (short and long taps, respectively), right mouse button or enter to add them to the command queue or execute the commands in your queue.
  • Commands include NWSE for cardinal directions and F for Fire! That is, in Morse code! If you don't want to look them up, read the next bullet points.
  • F = "dot dot dash dot"
  • N = "dash dot"
  • S = "dot dot dot"
  • W = "dot dash dash"
  • E = "dot"

Install instructions

Try downloading TelePolemos.zip first, it works for some people, if it fails, however, I have re-uploaded an identical version as the _backup version.

Then unzip and launch the .exe to play!


TelePolemos.zip 3 MB
TelePolemos_backup.zip 3 MB

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